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September '11 exercise in Singapore
Exercise Raffles III, Singapore's 2011 financial sector "industry-wide exercise" (IWE), will be an afternoon tabletop on Thursday, 15 September, followed by a "practical" hands-on activity on Friday, 16 September (tentative), and a wrap-up and group hug on Friday, 21 October. The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) has contracted PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to manage the exercise. The next ABS briefings on the IWE are Monday, 25 July and Tuesday, August 23.

Click on his name if you're wondering, 'Who was Tommy Raffles and why does Singapore name hotels, shopping centers, boulevards, public plazas and disaster exercises after him?'

The scenario will be "multiple events unfolding concurrently, including physical attacks with the possibility of a cyber-element." Earthquake would be a good scenario, wouldn't it? It's certainly topical in Asia at the moment, and Singapore has an outsized 'it-can't-happen-here' attitude, always a sure sign that it eventually will. Past IWE scenarios have been multiple IED's in the Marina District (after the 2005 London bombings), and pandemic influenza in 2008.

Cyber-attacks are pretty trendy, too. The Wall Street Journal asked rhetorically in March 2011, "Are We Ready for a Financial Cyber Attack?" Forbes magazine reported in February 2011 that NASDAQ's Directors Desk system was penetrated for over year before the breach was discovered. The London Stock Exchange was the target of a cyber-attack in June 2007, following threats against American exchanges in December, 2006. To say nothing of the tsunami of Nigerian 419 email scams...

There won't be a problem paying for Raffles III. Here is the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) list of financial institutions (FI's) by category; click the category to see the institutions in it. They ante up more or less according to their importance to Singapore's financial system; the three (3) local banks and SGX pay the most, then the multinational 'bulge bracket' brigade, then the brokers, insurance companies and other mere mortals. It's not like any of them can't - or would refuse to - pay their IWE bills.  

World Conference on Disaster Management
WCDM is June 19 to 22 in Toronto, Canada. Here's the program. Earth Policy Institute's Lester Brown is the opening keynote speaker, confirming my view that today's environmental problems are tomorrow's disasters. Mr. Brown's Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization should be required homework for resilience professionals everywhere, but especially in Asia. It's an 84-minute video from the U.S. Public Broadcasting Service narrated by actor Matt Damon.

WCDM is Canadian $1,100 (currency conversion) for two-and-a-half days. If you register by clicking on my e-Invitation link (code 3174), you receive an additional savings on the full conference pass. And Toronto is gorgeous in June.  

The World's Best Job Title
David Parsons has the best resilience job title I ever heard: Manager of Adversity Performance at Sydney Water. Formerly Manager of the Emergency Management & Security Unit, brother Parsons is a member of Australia's Trusted Information Sharing Network for critical infrastructure, a pillar of the Australia Emergency Management Institute (AEMI), a member of IAEM Oceania and a contributor to Australia Attorney General's new position paper on organisational resilience. For 33 years he has also made time to volunteer in the NSW State Emergency Service (SES). He even knows how to tweet! He is one-of-a-kind and now has a job title to prove it.  

Annual BCM Big Bucks
We invite you to complete BC Management's annual research survey of business continuity compensation around the world at Complete the study by July 15th 2011 to be entered into a raffle for free stuff.

  • They're recruiters! They want you to get paid more money.
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The survey has three (3) sections: 1) BCM compensation, 2) BCM program management, or 3) both. You decide which surveys to take. If you don't manage a BCM program, just take the compensation section. Please email BC Management if you have a question.

Want a sample? Here's the Asia BCM compensation report from 2009:
Tweeting Osama
A guy in Abbottabad, Pakistan is awakened in the middle of the night by the roar of helicopters over his house. Irritated, he uses his ReallyVirtual account on Twitter to complain to his followers - and accidentally tracks the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Not your standard way to use Twitter in emergencies. As the late Gil Scott-Heron famously said, "The revolution will not be televised." But it may be tweeted.

Outsource Your BCP Work in Asia
Need help but can't afford a full-time BCP professional? We outsource qualified BCP professionals for as little as one (1) day or two (2) days per week on contract. Read our Capability Statement with case studies of our satisfied clients over 15 years. Write to Nathaniel Forbes at, or call +65 6324-3091 in Singapore (12 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time, 8 hours ahead of GMT or UTC).

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